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Decorative Door Handles

At Knot Just Knobs, we have created an extensive range of practical, netsuke inspired decorative bronze door handles.

Our collection is inspired by Japanese netsuke carvings and features sculpted knots of 8 different animals which include frogs, pigs, rats, hares, fish, hedgehogs, tortoises and seals.

Designed by the internationally renowned sculptor and artist Judy Boyt, they are available in a range of sizes from the tiny bronze cupboard and drawer handles to standard size bronze doorknobs.

Our decorative door handles have a practical grip, perfect for when opening doors and drawers, whether inside or out. The decorative design creates a truly unique aspect to wardrobes, drawers and doors and can be made bespoke to your exact requirements, in any size. Our unique collection can be given as gifts, used every day and treasured forever.

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